Voice of Brookline book jacket

October 2005. 6 x 9 Hardcover $28.00
528 pp. 104 illus. Fully indexed.
ISBN 1-931807-39-6.

Dust jacket photo shows students and teachers of the Devotion School in front of the Edward Devotion House in 1905, the year of Brookline's bicentennial. (Taken by Armstrong and George, provided courtesy of the Brookline Preservation Commission.)

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Voices of Brookline

The Oral History
of an American Hometown

Larry Ruttman

A new book featuring stories, reflections, history, and insights from the citizens of the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts, on the occasion of its 300th birthday.

National Finalist, 2005 American Association of State and Local History Award of Merit

Read a review from the Jewish Advocate and a news story from the Brookline TAB.

“Larry Ruttman’s extraordinarily entertaining and historical Voices of Brookline, about his and my hometown…informs us in a flowing style of all the facets of Brookline life going back as far as the eldest among us.…His informative and anecdotal stories make it clear there is probably no other community in which more people are more deeply involved in civic life.…How better to understand the ever-developing character of our town in this tercentenary year than to listen to its citizens in Voices of Brookline.”

—from the Foreword by Michael Dukakis
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